Friday, January 23, 2009

What Would You Do?

Recently there has been discussions of whether or not President Obama needs to charge the Bush Administration with crimes committed while in office.

I have a point of view that people may or may not agree with and that's o.k., but I felt I wanted to share my opinion today with you.

Imagine there is a huge room with four corners in it. Each corner has a small helpless baby crying. One baby is called Environment, One baby is called Economy, One baby is called Health Care System, and the last baby is called Education. There are also lots of other babies crawling around the room and not very happy. Each of the four babies in the corners are neglected and have been upset for a long time. Each one needs attention. The cause of their neglect and upset is a toddler that reeked havoc. He is responsible for upsetting the babies and causing so much trouble. The toddler is now out of the room and can't do any more harm.

My belief is that the toddler needs to be punished or taught that what he did was not ok, and action needs to be taken. However, the babies are screaming their lungs out and in need of immediate attention. Do we focus on punishing the toddler and use much needed resources to do so? Or, do we look at the pressing needs in this moment?

I believe we need to take care of what is most important right now. The toddler is not going to go unpunished, but it doesnt have to be today. He can't do anymore harm.

Let us focus on repairing the damage done right now and deal with the unruly toddlers tomorrow.

Thats my opinion.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

President Obama!

I just LOVE typing that title!

Today is a day of hope, change, history making ....and about time!

History has finally come around full circle.

Slaves had built the White House and now a black man is going to be the leader living in the White House! It's such a wonderful thing!

More than just being a black man, Obama seems to be a man who is many things. I could list them all but unless you've been living in a cave, you know what he's about. We don't really know Obama, not like his family does, but we do know how he speaks in public, the messages he has conveyed to us all. We see him with his wife and children, we see his human side. I don't see any hostility or inflated ego as with G.W. Bush.

I can finally be proud to be an American and that feels amazing!

Thank you Barack H. Obama!