Monday, February 25, 2008

Conditional Love

Have you ever experienced people who will only love you when you behave as they want you to?

Thats called conditional love.

I wish people would love the whole person good and bad, dark and light, gray and blue, spots and stripes, ....all of it.

People go through ups and downs but I find that when i'm on a down slope like i'm at now, it's even harder to find support. Family and friends only want to be around an "up" person. so when i need people the most they are hard to find.

Yes, i'm having a really hard time right now and would love some words of encouragement, not advice or how I should feel better, just positive thoughts of empathy. thank you.

Remember how people say that pets love us humans unconditionally? Why can't we love one another that way?

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Bahama Mama said...

One of the things I learned through my little journey was what real friends are and what real love is. You have had to deal with more than anyone should ever have to deal with! I found that unconditional love came from some unexpected places and discovered that there are people I don't need in my life. If certain people can only support you when you are "up", that is their weakness and also their loss! Spring and sunshine and flowers are coming (or so they say!) Hug yourself for me.