Friday, August 15, 2008

Eclipse Energy

Tomorrow night there will be an eclipse happening. It can be a time of new beginnings and endings. A time to take risks and make some bold moves forward to better your life.

Thats how I see it anyway.

My dear step sister is graduating today. She has gone through 5 years of schooling while being a mother of a three year old. She not only is going to graduate tonight, shes' going to do it with high scores! You go sista love!!!

She is an inspiration to me in so many ways. Its fitting that her graduation is happening around the eclipse. An ending and new beginning for her and her family.

I'm trying to look at this eclipse as a new beginning for me as well. New ways of seeing things. New ways of behaving. New ways of thinking. New ways of acting.

I'm also trying to ignore all the back to school ads and not buy into the idea that summer is over. NOOOOO! I still want to camp, hike, swim, play!

Theres still time. Thats my mantra today. Theres still time.

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