Sunday, June 14, 2009

Reading Minds

I was thinking about how it would be so amazing to have a device that could read minds. This one would be different than being a telepathic reader. This device would be hooked up to your head, and when you are thinking, the device would transcribe the words onto a screen. You could see all that you were thinking. I bet there would be some scary results, especially from my brain.

What if you could hook up the device at night when sleeping and the images would be put onto a DVD, all your dreams would be recorded like a movie that you could watch the next day. I'd love to see my dreams and maybe analyze them from a Jungian point of view. Some would be scary for sure but wow, wouldn't that be incredible?

I've always been intrigued by what the mind can do. Experts say we only use a small part of our brain. Most people anyway. Why is that? Why haven't we been able to open up the other parts of our brain and explore the other possibilities?

What about hypnosis? How does that work? How can you tap into the past part of the brain and retrieve information that doesn't seem to want to be consciously known?

What if there is a future part of our brain that everyone has the ability to tap into and we just don't have the ability to do so? Similar to Mediums who can see the future or know things that others can't.

I've been wanting to write again. I would like to try to put my crazy thoughts into some kind of comprehensible order.

Maybe I'll take a hypnosis training course?

My mind could be opened up to all kinds of possibilities.

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