Saturday, May 15, 2010

Kite Flying

I went to a kite festival today. It was incredibly windy...almost too much for the kites. It was still a lovely day. I attached a picture of one of the kites I saw.

It got me thinking about flying.

I love to watch the birds in the morning and seeing them fly from tree to tree talking to one another.

We humans say we are more evolved than birds and other animals but I have to wonder about that. They have a system that seems to work pretty well with one another. They have predators and such but otherwise it seems they live pretty peacefully.

I think we could learn from the birds and other animals. How we treat one another and how we treat the earth and its resources.

I walked a lot today and now my legs and feet are aching. On my way back from the festival I sure would have rather flapped my arms and flew the last leg home.

I am grateful for being able to walk as much as I do. I know there are many people who aren't able to do that. There are people that are bed ridden from illness or disability. I have a friend who is still recovering from a brain aneurism and is learning how to transfer from a chair to the bed or another chair. Its a huge effort she has to make to do so.

I do realize I am lucky to have pretty decent health over all considering all my body has been through over the years.

Lately, however, I have been feeling pretty old. I know part of it is just getting old and part of it is my recovery from cancer treatment and of course the other part is that I am out of shape and could do more to take care of myself.

I do miss being able to do certain things without being in pain and having to recover from it. I carried two heavy bags with a backpack as well, yesterday, and I'm recovering from that. The bags were too heavy and my back, neck and feet are really hurting.

I'm trying to keep a positive grateful approach about it all. Some days are harder than others.

Maybe I'll dream of myself flying over the ocean tonight in my dreams.

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