Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Day Fifteen

Cloudy, misty rain kinda day today.

I walked to the hospital. On my walk there I saw a family that i sometimes see, waiting for the bus with other children. They are a family from, i believe, Somalia. They have their beautiful scarves and dresses on, I wouldnt call them Berkas but maybe they are called that, not sure. There was a little girl maybe 4 years old, leaning against a woman, maybe her mom. She saw me and followed my gaze as i walked by. I smiled at her and she had this look of wonder on her face.
I would have loved to know what she was thinking. I was a white woman wearing a blue scarf on her head, maybe she noticed me more due to that? Maybe she was curious if I was Muslim or not. Everyone around her was dark skinned and brown eyes, maybe i looked funny with my blue eyes and head scarf? Such a look of innocence.

I came across a sad discovery when i was almost to the hospital. There was a dead yellow bird on the sidewalk. I so wanted to cradle the bird and find a place to bury it. I was running late for my appointment and with my immune system not as strong as i'd like it to be, i thought against it. I just said a little prayer for the bird and kept walking. I wondered if the stray cat i've been seeing was the one who killed it. It was right around the place where i see the cat from time to time.

Appropriate somehow that i saw the dead bird on 9/11. On a cloudy cool day, this bright yellow birds' light went out.

Its a day of remembrance for those who died but also for those who lived and who are still grieving their loss.

Back to radiation. I felt pretty awful last night. Flu like symptoms. I was asked if i wouldnt mind if a male student observed the process today. I said I had no strong opinions either way, and it was fine. I got to hear some of the teaching that was going on. Learned a bit myself. As I left I said goodbye to the nice nurse and nurse C didnt even look up from her computer to acknowledge me, nothing new there.

I ended up walking home due to not wanting to wait for the bus. Lots of walking today, good for me. Now i'm resting.

Only 18 more to go!

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