Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Quality of Life

When is it ok to wish someone could move on to the "other side"? Its such a controversial topic.

I read stories of people in pain every single day, fighting to stay alive, fighting to breathe, fighting to perform normal functions humans perform, like going to the bathroom or eating. When is it ok to say, "enough!" ?

My mom and I went to see my grandmother who has been living in an assisted living facility for altzeimers for years now. She used to live in Georgia, living with her husband until one day he couldnt take it anymore and sent her up to Maine to live. He hasnt come to see her once since shes been up here, going on four years i believe. Lately she has been declining mentally. she still recognizes us and interacts a bit, but mostly she lives in her own world. My mom said to me after our visit, "this sounds awful but i wish she'd fade away and go on..." she doesnt think she should live the way she lives now. I'm torn. There are moments where she seems to be herself but lately its not many. She doesnt have any friends at the home. She wont participate in any activities. What kind of life is that?

When someone has a disease and they lose a part of who they are, the essence of themselves, is it time to move on?

I'm thankful for my life, for my family and friends, and today i'm especially thankful that i am myself and not making any major compromises. I'm happy with who I am now.

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