Sunday, November 18, 2007


I know its not officially winter yet but it sure feels like it. Freezing temps overnight, seeing your breath. I suppose the fact that there are still some leaves on the trees and some green grass on the ground makes it seem more fall-ish.

I got woken up by my furry feline this morning at around 4:30am, stinker! I couldnt get back to sleep, so i caught up on some emails and then decided to go for a walk to the ocean. Cold! It was very refreshing and beautiful as well. Sunny but crisp. The puddles are decorated with icy designs. The boats are pulled out of the water and up on boards, covered tight with their tarps for the winter. I noticed a strong smell, even with the freezing temperatures, of what smelled like rotting fish. I saw sections of wooden piers that are used to allow people access to their boats from the shore. The sections were stacked on top of one another, all having remnants of seaweed and sea life attached to its sides. The smell of the ocean.

Smells are powerful. All our senses can be a catalyst to memories. During one type of meditation I had learned, we were told to hold onto an almond. First we felt the almond and looked at it, for five minutes. Five minutes is a long time to look at one single almond. You start to notice things about it after the first 3 minutes, i noticed the lines on it and so on....then we smelled the almond and put it in our mouth but wasnt allowed to chew the almond yet, just feel the almond on our tongue and taste it without chewing. You get the idea. It was a very interesting excersize. I was tempted to eat the almond immediately, we get so used to our habits, our bodies respond automatically. When i smell a food, my mouth waters or stomach turns depending on the food or smell.

When i was in massage school i learned a lot about aromatherapy and the power of smells. They can be very healing. Aromas have been used medicinally for centuries. The Romans used smells during their baths and for healing purposes. I believe Americans especially take for granted the power of nature and the simple ways of life. We go go go, stimulate, fill up time and space. Balance is the key.

When you are forced to slow down whether it is due to disease or injury or whatever the reason, you remember stillness, theres a reminder whether it be by seeing, hearing, feeling, smelling, or touching....we have the ability within us all. We just need to remember it.

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