Saturday, December 1, 2007

Another thought

I know i just posted yesterday but have some more thoughts to share.

For some strange reason i've noticed a theme around me lately. Hair cuts. Its the oddest thing. Everyone seems to be getting their hair cut lately. Is it the time of year? In one day i had 4 conversations with different people about hair cuts and then even on t.v. there were shows about hair styles and cuts.

My hair isnt long enough yet to really style or cut. I suppose i could have a little trim around my ears or shave the light hair on my neck area. Theres really no way i could get a real hair cut. My friend from NH said that it must seem a bit like someones rubbing it in my face, that i cant get a cut.

At least i can save time and money on not having to do much other than wash my hair. It takes no time to style. I bought some hair goo thats supposed to help spike it or give it body. Thats the extent i'm going right now.

Its such a simple thing but yet it seems the major focus around me lately.

I'm reminded of some thoughts i had a little while ago when i was deciding about my hysterectomy. Since i made my decision i've noticed babies everywhere. It is all around me. I am really ok with not having children but of course theres a part of me that wonders about it. Giving birth and what the whole experience would be like. I am a woman after all, its in my genetic makeup to procreate.

When i got diagnosed with cancer it was the same idea. I saw cancer everywhere. It was around the time the whole Elizabeth Edwards news story hit. I saw cancer patients and info all around me. Overwhelming. I still see it everywhere but i dont have the same fear, its changed shape.

I suppose its like anything else, once you focus on something you notice it everywhere. It was always all around, we just dont notice it.

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