Thursday, December 13, 2007

Tis the season

This is a new kind of holiday stress for me. I am used to being a bit more tired and stressed out during the holiday season, but this year is a whole new ballgame i'm realizing.

It's a bit like trying to walk through the snow, when your body isnt used to that kind of movement. You need to think about it more, each step you take. More time is taken to get through to the other side, to solid ground.

I'm finding my errands of christmas shopping, or getting things for my trip takes so much more time and so much more effort.

I'm sleepy much more, and irritable.

Medically, I finished up my lymphedema massages. My swelling went down quite a bit, not gone but a huge improvement, so thats something positive! I am noticing some skin pain where i had been radiated, on my back. I forgot about that area, and thats probably why it hurts, i havent been moisturizing it, the pain is similar to when you have a bandage on and the skin pulls in pain from the adhesive.

My recovery is still going on, i'm impatient with that. I want to be functioning at full capacity now.

Patience grasshopper

I find a small glass of port helps a bit with the stress


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