Sunday, December 16, 2007


This is the new word for today....

I love it!

It basically means (for those who don't know the meaning, like me...), ...illusion, or changing visual images, images blending into one another, changing shapes, .....that kind of thing.

Today there is what the North Easterners call a Nor' Easter happening. A blizzard. High winds, freezing (10 degrees F) temps and lots of snow. No one wants to be out in this kind of weather. Not even the hard core Mainers go out in this.

I'm just praying the electricity stays on, mostly due to the heat factor. It would be a bummer to lose the heat today.

When i was a kid it was exciting to lose power, getting the candles out and everything just stops. All plans, like going to school, are canceled. The total focus is on the storm, when it will stop, how much snow to expect, do we have enough supplies, are our other family members ok. Life just takes a pause while the storm does its thing.

So many times i've wanted to pause my life while I deal with an issue. Most times life goes on. It would be surprising to me that life could go on with so much pain happening. so much suffering and yet people are laughing and playing and going about their business. During some dark moments I wanted to shake people and say "don't you know whats happening?". It didnt seem fair that others didnt stop and notice my pain.

Then there comes a time when it becomes comforting that life is still going on. There is a sense of hope that remains.

Hope that change still exists, things will shift, the storm will pass.

It's all just a phantasmagorial image.

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