Thursday, December 20, 2007

Crossing the pond

The Brits like to say that if they fly to the states its just "crossing the pond".

Well, thats what i'm going to be doing tomorrow evening. Flying from Boston to London.

I'm really looking forward to my trip. There are so many things to look forward to. I'll be spending christmas and boxing day with my friends' family, eating huge meals with alcohol mixed in. Exchanging gifts, and most of all laughing and playing games. The English love to play games!

My friends' family love to make fun of me for not knowing the English history during some of the trivia type games, but its still enjoyable.

Then my friend and I are going to Edinburgh for New Years Eve. I've been there before during the summer. Apparently the festivities for new years is one of, if not the biggest, events on new years in all of Europe and the UK. I'm hoping i'm going to be up for the huge crowds. I'm sure it will be fun, even if its snowing and freezing out. How much worse can it be from what i've been experiencing here ?

I really do love to travel but i loathe the preparation leading up to it. I am reminded of the fact i'm alone, no partner/husband etc... No one to appoint errands to. Its basically all on me.
This year has been a bit harder, i dont have the same energy i used to have, before this year. It takes more patience and more time to complete tasks. I am just trying to remember to breathe, take time, and as my good friend from NH said to me today, "keep your eye on the prize".

I will check my emails while i'm gone and perhaps be able to blog, but i'm not sure. Lots of fun planned. I may have to wait and blog in the new year.

Happy Holidays everyone! Yule time cheer to all!

Heres hoping 2008 is a healthy and happy one!!

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Steph said...

Have a great time!