Monday, December 17, 2007


I was reminded today of what is really important, what is only trivial.

I have been stressing out about my trip abroad. I have lots of details to take care of. My energy isnt what it used to be and thats hard to accept sometimes.

This morning I was making a list of all the things i need to take care of, feeling overwhelmed, doubting my decision to go to the UK.

Then i read a cancer survivors blog. She is fighting for her life and yet she says she loves life and is going to keep fighting for it anyway she can. She is currently unable to leave her house except to go to the hospital, is hooked up to an oxygen tank, is on more than a dozen drugs, and the list goes on. ...shes in her 20's.

Then there are the people who are having chemo or radiation or are in the hospital for some illness or other. One woman is sitting by her young sons bed in the hospital, hoping he'll get to go home soon.

My stresses are trivial compared to what some people are facing right now.

I'm lucky i can go on this trip. I'm really trying to be grateful for that, take a deep breath and smile.

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