Thursday, January 24, 2008

When to say NO

I find it hard to say no sometimes. When people I know ask me for favors I immediately will say yes before I can think about it. I am better at saying no today then say a year ago. I'm not sure if its getting cancer or what it is but I can say no more often.

Today I found myself saying yes before thinking once again. A woman and man with a camera asked if I had a few minutes to answer a couple of questions. I was on my way to the hospital for an appointment with my Oncologist. The woman was apparently in training with the camera and I believe with interviewing for a local t.v. station.

They took a while to get the camera working and I realized I didn't have the time. I apologized and continued on to the hospital.

I sometimes wish I could be more aware of my needs first before I agree to something.

I saw my Oncologist and we just checked in, did an exam and answered some questions for me. I am due to start taking Aromatase Inhibitors to help lower the estrogen levels in my body. I didnt realize that the AI's can actually shrink estrogen positive tumors, as well as eliminate on a cellular level. Definitely good news. I was a bit worried about waiting a while before starting them but it seems i'm in pretty good shape.

Now I have to go back to the hospital and have blood tests, across the board. Check my CBC, lipids, vitamin D levels, and so on....

The side effects of the AI's are most common, bone pain, joint pain....then its smaller percentages after that for other side effects.....I have to have a bone density test now and then, and possibly check my heart, but only if theres an issue I believe.

I am looking into more vitamin supplements for menopause, Calcium and the proper Vitamin D, there are also good studies out there on Vitamin E, especially for Estrogen Positive breast cancers.

I'll be getting a mammogram along with the other tests in February, then I should be all set for another 6 months when i'll go back and see my Oncologist. Fingers crossed!

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