Monday, January 21, 2008


There have been studies on how much time people spend waiting.

Waiting in lines, traffic jams, doctors offices, etc...

Today I experienced some waiting.

First I waited online for my doctors office to take my call. I'm glad I have a speaker phone option so i can do other things while I wait. The automated ladies voice said that five people were ahead of me. I could have called back and would have normally, except for the fact that my doctors office requires their patients to call at exactly 8:15am to make an appointment for that day only. You can not call one day and book an appointment for the next, its all day to day.

Next I waited at the doctors office. I was grateful I thought to bring my i-pod. I highly recommend bringing one to the doctors office. I didn't have to wait in the waiting room too long but i had to wait for over 35 minutes in the exam room. I listened to NPR, free podcasts are great! Books on tape are good too. Who wants to just sit in an exam room and stare at all the items in jars and just think about why you are there? No fun.

After an hour and a half, two x-rays and personal exams I won't get into, I found out nothing more than I already knew. At least I don't have pneumonia or a partially collapsed lung or a stopped up digestive system. I am not sure I needed more radiation from x-rays though. Oh well. My mind is a bit calmer knowing I probably just have a virus/cold and my digestive system wasnt happy about surgery and is taking longer to wake up and function correctly.

At least I got some time to listen to some great stories on NPR, walk outside in the brisk air and see the sun for a few minutes.

I guess it was worth the wait.

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