Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Last night and early this morning I heard the crows. I looked outside to see what seemed like hundreds of crows flying in the air and perched on trees together.

I remember seeing that last year and being awestruck. It was like out of an Alfred Hitchcock movie.

Lots of people think that crows are automatically a sign of bad news or bad omen. I disagree. Crows are wonderfully magikal birds that are also very intelligent. I love watching them.

Today my little (just under) 3 year old niece is having her first and hopefully last surgery. I see the crows as a good sign, that she will be fine. Her daddy is strongly connected to crow energy, so I feel its got to be a good sign. The power is behind her, and surrounding her with healing, loving energy.

Its also snowing pretty hard. Of course it is....theres a surgery happening.

I went to a support group last night for breast and gynecological cancers at a wonderful community center. I always feel better when I leave the group. Its not always perfect and sometimes a bit caotic but i'm always glad I went. The people there are some of the most courageous people you'll ever meet.

Cancer Survivors Kick Butt!!

I'm going to make a bumper sticker with that on it. Now I just need to buy a car to put it on.

Please send out your healing prayers for Greta, my beautiful niece, thank you!

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