Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Spring Fever?

A good friend of mine said to me this morning...."the birds are chirping, spring is springing all around, but where is the burst of energy? why don't i have that ? I still feel like hibernating"

I agree.

April has proven to be a rough month for me and for many others. Oops, its May isnt it? :)

I believe spring in general is challenging for people. Its not quite warm out and the time change can mess with our body chemistry. Our bodies are using muscles that havent been used all winter.

I've been dealing with some major fatigue and soreness in my body. Whats new? Its getting me down quite a bit lately. I want that burst of energy, that motivation to do things and keep doing them without pooping out.

The 17th will be one year since my surgery that removed the nasty tumor and some infected lymph nodes. I still have the blue dye and scars are still healing in some ways. I have a daily reminder of journeys i've been on this past year. When you break your bones you can heal up and move on, usually without much of a scar if any.

I think my depression is kicking in a bit and its hard to fight it sometimes, takes all my energy.

I still want to hibernate under the covers until summer really kicks in.

Maybe my next life i'll be a hibernating animal. Actually i'd like to just stay over on the other side and not come back, i'm done with reincarnation. I've learned all the lessons i want to learn in the many lifetimes i've had.

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