Friday, June 27, 2008

Plans changing

Lately i've noticed that when I make plans to do something, things don't always turn out how i'd hoped they would.

Sometimes its for the better but in my experience I get disappointed.

Yesterday was a nice surprise. I was able to be a "bride" after all!

I got to wear a beautiful Linen/lace dress (pictured here).

There were supposed to be about 200 guests for the fund raiser, but I believe when I was there the count was less. The rain had come out once again. Theres a trend happening in Maine, rain and thunderstorms in the afternoons, for weeks now.

I was a bit nervous but excited to strut my self on the "cat walk" which was only a porch. The house was amazingly beautiful, mansion like. On the water with a huge lawn and sitting rooms that were roped off to peering eyes.

That was a nice surprise to not be the mother of the bride. Although there were fabulous dresses for that purpose that many women pulled off wonderfully.

I believe there were about 6 brides showing off gorgeous dresses and jewelry.

Other changes have been when I invite people to come over and they cancel the last minute or I plan on doing something and it gets rained out.

Next friday, july 4th, I am planning a party. I'm not sure what the weather is going to be like. Right now the weather forecasts rain and thundershowers. Yuck! I wanted to go cookout and then watch the fireworks that are shot off a few blocks from my house. My apartment is so tiny that I don't want everyone to just hang out inside all night, thats no fun.

It is still a week away, so maybe the weather people have it wrong. Maine weather can change all the time. Just like my life lately.

Change is in the air

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