Sunday, July 6, 2008


I took this photo of fireworks friday night with some good friends. It was a lovely night, no clouds, no rain, everyone enjoying the lights in the sky, having fun! Isn't that what life is about? Sometimes. Its also about appreciating the good moments. If we only had good moments we may never realize how special they are.

Its sunday. A time when lots of people go to church. I called a friend this morning and she's not usually a church goer but in the summer for about 2 months she goes with her mom to a small chapel that opens only for the summer months. Its a sweet little chapel that has guest preachers for the 8 weeks or so.

It got me thinking about the times I went to church as a child. I have never been one to join a church or religion. I believe in honoring many religions or spiritual practices. My parents "made" me go and for a while I was a faithful Episcopalian and even got confirmed as one. I am grateful for the experience. The singing of carols or psalms, drinking the special wine from the golden goblet, eating the wafers.

My thoughts are that people are attracted to energy. The energy of how it feels to be in a group of people all focused on the same ideas.

People worship many gods and goddesses. Theres God, Jesus, Buddha, Allah, and so many more...

I have had many amazing experiences at events or churches where the energy was incredible. I've always been attracted to churches, especially old ones in the UK or France. I love old grave yards too.

Once I was a personal assistant for a woman who used to be a photographer until she lost her eyesight due to diabetes. She still had so much faith and believes that she's here to teach others about adversity. We went to an all black baptist church one day. I was nervous and excited. This was a new experience for me and I didn't know what to expect. The church was somewhere near Black Mountain, NC. I was going to massage school at the time.

Everyone there was so welcoming and they knew the woman I was with. She had been frequenting there at that time. A few people gave us curious looks and even giggled, but for the most part there was no judgment. There were beautiful colors of clothes and fancy hats all scattered about the pews. We went near the front and waited for the service to begin. I was so happy to see that there was no preaching of sin or negative ideas. It was all positive. There were microphones and an organ blaring out the sounds of joy.

Then there came the singing. The voice of one woman in particular blew me away. After about 5 minutes of the singing, the energy in the place rose to the heavens. You could not help but be swept away from it all. Rising and rising until our bodies all swayed in unison. I saw the woman I was with, just holding up her arms and feeling the power of what was happening. She couldn't witness what I saw, she couldn't see the people going up front to get "healed", falling into someones arms and to the ground. She couldn't see the people with their arms in the air as if in a trance, praising the Lord and Jesus. However, she could feel the energy around her and hear the beautiful sounds come together and swirl as one. I lifted my arms and closed my eyes. I was hooked. Its a drug, this high you feel when people come together and lift each other up.

When I was in NYC I went to a famous yoga studio for some free chanting. Krishna Das was leading the chanting. The tabla drums and singing,... again...lifted the room. It was a hot summer night, all of us sweating and chanting.

I went to a performance of Tibetan Monks chanting once. Same idea. Everyone was hypnotized.
NYC, Qawwali music from Pakistan, people throwing money over their heads as a form of respect, African drumming circles, Twirling Dervishes, the list goes on and on.

When there are events such as these or even just a sports or music event, where lots of people go to a place to gather and cheer for the same idea.

Maybe thats why we are so addicted to gathering in groups. We love that high. Music, singing, chanting, cheering, laughing, joy, love.

I personally don't believe in joining one group or religion. I want to experience many different types of things.

Aren't we all craving that same thing?

I see on a c.d. of have of Qawwali music, says..."Qawwali, the essence of desire".

I believe that says it all.

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Bob Hawkinson said...

Glad to see such positive energy in your blog....Keep going, Peace, Bob