Monday, September 15, 2008


I just got the news that a former employer and friend passed away not too long ago.

Her name was Linda Montgomery. I worked for her as a personal assistant. She had diabetes and due to complications with her circulation etc... she became blind and had to have part of her foot amputated. She also went through kidney transplants and dialysis, many treatments and surgeries.

Linda used to be a photographer, loved nature and wanted to capture it on film. When she became blind, you can imagine the heartache she must have felt.

She turned her disabilities into something to benefit others. She would speak at schools, write books of inspiration, spread the word of faith and hope.

There are many memories I have of my time with Linda. I'll mention a few of them here.

Linda challenged me in many ways. She wasn't the easiest person to work for. She wanted things done in a particular way and would fight you on it. I did admire her tenacity and spirit, she was very driven and didn't let much get in her way.

We took a trip to Maine and she got to meet my family. She took a few pictures with my camera and surprisingly they came out very good. She just went with her other senses to guide her lens.

She lived in NC for many many years, thats where I met and worked for her.

She brought me to a wonderful all black baptist church nearby. She had been going off and on for years. I was nervous at the time but.... I believe I mentioned this story in a previous post.....
i'll never forget that experience. The energy of the place, the joy on Lindas face. My finally letting go a bit more, trusting, being in the moment.

The last thing I want to mention is every Christmas Linda would have a card made. Each year it was something more outrageous. She hired a photographer and would put on the appropriate costume for the theme in mind. The card looked like she was actually doing the things she dreamed of. One year she was a mermaid, one year she was flying in a hot air balloon, one year she was driving a race car or something along those lines. She had the biggest grin on her face. I think she really got a kick out of creating the next years card. I'll miss getting them.

Inside the card she would have a typed letter letting us all know what shes been up to. She also had some words of healing and positive suggestions on how to live your life.

I bet shes having a blast now, on the other side, able to see again, able to walk well again, and able to help whomever needs it.

She will be missed.

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Melissa said...

What a beautiful tribute to an obviously awesome woman. You've made me wish I'd known Linda. I absolutely adore the Christmas cards story. What a fabulous spirit!

~I bow to you Linda and to you Jenngie~