Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Highs and Lows

I hope you all haven't forgotten about me. I haven't forgotten about all you wonderful readers out there. I've just been out of town and very busy.

This may be a long post, so sit back, get comfy, hold onto your hot cup of joe, and enjoy the ride....

First the Highs...

The weekend after my birthday week I went to a wonderful music festival. I got my camping wish. The festival was in Harmony, Maine. My good friend Nancy and I went there on a Saturday. It was another gorgeous fall day. The leaves were at their peak, the sun was shining and the air was crisp and clear. Nancy and I love road trips. We have the best memories when we go away somewhere. There's something freeing about getting away. Letting all our problems sit on the side lines for a while. All our responsibilities take a holiday too.

Our friend Quester set up tents for us and had the campsite all ready upon our arrival. Thanks Quester! He was playing in his band Freakwitch that night. The music of all the bands was wonderful! I've discovered some new music and found them on MySpace. There was good food, good music and my favorite part of the weekend, (other than the wonderful company I was a part of) was the bonfires! I got my bonfire! yea! We needed fire for sure! It was COLD! If there was one negative thing I had to say about the weekend it was the cold! Camping was challenging but I didn't freeze to death to thats an accomplishment for sure. The temps were down in the low 30's overnight.

The best day for me was that Sunday. We danced, hula hooped, and laid in the grass. No worries. Such a freedom feeling.

Then it was back to reality once again.

Nancys' mom was in the hospital and she needed to get back to her. Her sister was with her mom but it was Nancys turn to sit with her.

Now to the Lows....

Nancys' mom died last Thursday night. I got the call late that night and was able to get a car to go be with her around 11:30pm.

Sitting with someone who has passed away is such a surreal experience. I've had one other experience like it, even more profound. I was with my good friends' mom when she passed. I had been giving her reiki when she let go.

I am so grateful to be a part of this hard time for Nancy and her family. I am grateful for Nancys trust and faith in me to be there with her in her pain.

I am going through some emotions myself. I have the urge to want to take all the pain away from my dear friend. I know thats not possible and not fair to Nancy either. She needs to go through this her way and in her own time. I'm just a witness holding the space for her and what she needs.

I spent most of the weekend with her and am now home for a couple of days to recharge my batteries. I'm going back down there to be with her this weekend for the wake and funeral.

I think its appropriate that her moms' funeral is on All Souls Day. It's a day to honor the dead. To honor those who have passed. Honor the ancients. Honor the Saints. Some religions look at this day as a dark day, a depressing day. I look at it as a day of celebration. Remembering those who are not with us anymore. Remember the happy times, the times of joy.

Its a time when the "veils" of the worlds are thinnest. When communication with souls is easier to do. If you believe in that way of thinking. I do.

So, i've caught you all up on my adventures of late.

I hope you all have a safe and joyful Halloween/Samhain.

Maybe sometime this weekend, you can light a candle, say a prayer, put a picture out of your loved ones who have passed. Honor them, remember the joy and love you shared with them.

I know I will.

Blessed Be

(The Heart Rock Pic I took in Bar Harbor, Maine)

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