Sunday, December 28, 2008

Happy New Year 2009!

I leave for London today. I woke up at 4:45am and realized I hadn't checked in online last night.

So, I got a not so good seat. Could have been worse. If anyone does any kind of traveling, especially over 5 hours, you'll understand that whatever you can do to make the flight more relaxing the better.

Getting an aisle seat is important to me. I have to wear my compression sleeve and glove, which I hate, and so I also need to get up quite frequently to stretch and keep my lymph system moving.

I also requested a low salt meal. The benefit of ordering a special meal is that you get it before all the regular passengers. People look at you and wonder why you are getting your meal before them.

Once I get there, I'll be able to relax, but until then I tend to be pretty nervous.

I will focus on New Years Eve and being in London.

2009, a new year, a new President (thank the goddess!), another birthday, another new year of holidays to come. Its a time to reflect the past year and all the events that occurred. Both personal and public memories.

I won't be too sad that 2008 is over. I am certainly looking forward to 2009. Nine is my favorite number so it HAS to be a good one!

Happy New Year ! I'll be posting after the 8th when I get back to the states.

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