Friday, December 26, 2008

Boxing Day

Happy Boxing Day!

I remember celebrating my first Boxing Day in England. It was my first trip there and I had just met Stuarts' best friend (he was holding a sign up with my name on it), we went directly to his Dads' house for Boxing Day celebrations.

I knew no one and they were so lovely, very inviting. They were in the middle of playing games. The British are big on playing all sorts of games.

They got me to play as well. There was one game that involved some kind of charades (pronounced Sher-Rahhds). I had to get up in front of everyone and try to get them to guess what was on my card, or get my partner to guess it. Most of the trivia was of British history. I didn't know the majority of the subjects given. Such as Queens and Kings and the history behind them. I knew I should have paid more attention in class. It was quite funny but also embarrassing.

From what i've gathered, Boxing Day is usually spent eating and drinking way too much, oh and of course playing games. What I love is the wonderful Port and Cheeses that are served after a big meal. Port is a great digestive. The cheeses are stinky but in a scrumptious way. I found a new appreciation for moldy cheeses. Stilton is fantastic!

This year I introduced English "crackers" to my family. Not the edible kind, the type that involves a popping sound and wearing funny paper crowns. Another interesting Britain tradition. They look like big pieces of fancily wrapped candy. Two people tug on the cracker to see which one gets the bigger half. When its broken in two, the cracker pops like a firecracker (hence the name). Inside are little gifts or jokes or both. There are different levels of crackers. If you pay a lot of money you get nice presents inside.

I do love seeing family during the holidays, but to be honest i'm pretty glad they are over with. I'm looking forward to relaxing in England and perhaps drinking in the New Year with a glass of champagne. Maybe i'll even have a funny paper crown on.


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