Monday, December 22, 2008

Snow A Flying

Well, I made it through another blizzard. Yesterday was quite the storm. My area got at least 13 inches of snow. The winds were over 30mph. A Nor-Easter for sure!

I am grateful that my power didn't go out. It would have been very cold seeing that it was only in the teens outside and wind chills way below zero.

I am cozy and warm and very thankful! I hope all of you readers out there stayed warm and cozy too!

This cold is certainly giving me a run for my money. Where does that saying come from I wonder?

I was able to go to a holiday party that involved a Yankee Swap, or some people say Chinese Gift Giving. I wonder if the Chinese really do give gifts that way?

There are so many expressions that we use and I'm betting most people don't know where they came from, how they started.

Lately the new expressions seem to come from famous people who start the trends.

I love the stories of how certain things come to pass. Some local guy in some small English town had a couple of pints and decided to say something that someone wrote down and there you go, it stuck!

I appreciate the fact that some sayings are kept local. I live in Maine and there are many Maine expressions. Wicked Good was a popular one when I was growing up.

I wonder if someone is writing a book documenting all the popular sayings of the past?

Is there an expression you find yourself saying a lot?

One that I tend to say that I'm trying to stop is "Cool!" I'm getting older and it's not exactly fitting my age group anymore. I need to come up with another expression to replace that one.

Maybe I can use "Fantastic!"

Happy Yule! Happy Christmas! Happy Kwanzaa! Happy Hanukkah! Happy Holidays!

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ellishughes said...

Try William Safire. He's been writing about word/phrase origins for years for the NYT. Also, there are tons of books on the subject. It's pretty fascinating. I'll check with Peter, too, if he has any specific recommendations. But check out your public library ... the librarians generally love this topic!!! Cold here (20) but clear. Horses fuzzed and frisky. Love, Ellis