Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Snowflakes Are Falling On My Head

Hi ya'll

I'm still sick.

So tired of being sick. It's a waiting game.

I ventured out to get a small Christmas tree, fake one this year, and took some pics. Stewie loves to sit under the tree.

The snow is falling outside, luckily not on my head. I was supposed to go to my Oncologist today. I don't have a car and with me being sick and all I thought better of it. Don't want to get even more sick or delay my getting well.

I'm going to London for New Years! I'm very excited!

Every year my friend from London and I go somewhere for New Years. This will be our 9th year!

I HAVE to be well for my trip! I am determined and stubborn!

Cold cold go away! Come again some other day! Or year! :)

Hope you all are staying warm and toasty!

1 comment:

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