Saturday, March 21, 2009

Happy Ostara!

Yesterday was the first day of the Spring Equinox! yea! I am SO ready for spring its not funny!

Ostara is another name for the Spring Equinox, Equinox meaning same amount of day to night. With the time change the days are longer and its very much obvious.

I read my last post and realized I didn't post my mammogram results. They came out fine! I don't have to get another mammogram for a year now! I've been waiting for the day to come when I can wait longer and longer to get tests. I still have to see my Oncologist every 2 months or so, but we just have a quick check in and sometimes he draws blood, but no scans! whoo hoo!

I've been feeling pretty well over all. Some fatigue and anxiety, but otherwise my health is pretty good. (knock on wood)

Tonight i'm going to an Ostara ritual/party with my bestest friend Nancy. There will be a big bonfire, which I look forward to the most.

The hosts of the party just adopted two kittens! I can't wait to meet them and hopefully have some play time. Theres nothing like kittens to make you laugh and entertain you.

I just took out two chocolate pies that I made to bring to the party, its my moms' recipe that i love!

I hope where ever you all are, you are enjoying Spring as it makes its way here!

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