Monday, March 2, 2009


As I write this there is a big snow storm out my window, what we call up here in the North East, a Nor-easter. I am grateful for the power that is still on and especially the heat coming through the vents. My cat Stewie and I are toasty warm.

Lately I've felt like the big C is all around me. I've met with two friends who are both dealing with their tumor numbers going up, meaning things aren't so great right now. Changes have to be made with their treatment.

I also got the very sad news that a cancer warrior died last Sunday. She was quite the cancer survivor. She had a rare type of sarcoma cancer that she had for over 16 years! If you had any questions about sarcomas and most questions about treatment or cancer related questions, she was the woman to go to. Kathy, I hope you are on the other side free of pain and in peace. I'm sure you are helping so many people right now in your own way. I send out my condolences to Kathys' family who have to put the pieces of grief together and try to make sense of it all.

I went to the Cancer Community Center on Saturday for Buddy Training. I am officially now a Cancer Buddy! I had a Buddy when I went through my treatments and it was very helpful. I am so grateful for Becky! I hope I can help someone who may just need an ear to listen or a few kind words of encouragement.

A wonderful woman whom i've got to know through my dear friend Nancy, just got diagnosed with breast cancer recently. She is in her 40's and lives alone. It brought back so much for me, to that day of when I was so overwhelmed with having to make many life changing decisions. I hope I can be of some help to her as well.

Timing is interesting. I go months without any real bad news on the cancer front, then BAM!, there is a whole lot going on.

I am also having a mammogram tomorrow and seeing my Oncologist and breast surgeon. I'm not too worried about the results but of course I'm not at total ease either. There's always the chance that they will find something. I have to believe that the timing of whats going on around me is a sign that I am here to help and not going to be on the other side again.

I want to give back. Its time to focus on helping and not receiving as much.

So, I'm going to make myself a cup of tea and look out at the storm brewing all around me. Knowing I am safe and sound and I am lucky!

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