Saturday, August 1, 2009


I want to volunteer for Hospice. There is a Hospice Home about 20 minutes from me. I saw it when I was there for a meeting with the Cancer Buddys from the Cancer Community Center not long ago. The Home is almost 2 years old, very nice.

I got some volunteer information, such as there is a 40 hour training program required before you can start. I also got the volunteer coordinators' name and number.

I have been witness to two deaths. My good friends' mom from England, died while I was giving Reiki to her. It was a powerful experience for me. The other passing was from another of my good friends' mom. I arrived at about an hour after she passed.

Some people can look at Hospice Care as being too depressing but I see it differently.

Why is it that a birth of someone is more celebrated than a death? Other cultures celebrate a persons' life instead of being all sad and hidden. Look at New Orleans. People will parade down a street and play instruments. I'd love to have that kind of funeral procession.

Unfortunately the volunteer coordinator left a message saying the next training is full. That's in September. The next training session isn't until next Spring.

I will try to get on a waiting list. I suppose it's a really good thing that there are lots of people wanting to be involved with Hospice Care. At least there aren't a lack of volunteers

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