Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Four Leaf Clovers

I was waiting for the bus today in the shade of a tree, it's very hot out today...and I noticed a huge patch of clovers.

Do you remember looking for four leaf clovers when you were young? Or maybe you still do? I started looking for them but lost patience and my bus arrived. There are hundreds of clovers in those bunches they grow in. When I was younger I would spend a good deal of time trying to find one. I was very determined.

I never did find one. I saw someones' once and was very jealous.

It reminds me of lucky charms. I also had a rabbits foot when I was a wee child. It was one of those that was on a key chain and was dyed some horrible color like electric blue or pink. Maybe the dye was to make it fun looking and take away the reality that you are holding a poor rabbits limb? Who knows. Who started that idea anyway?

Did someone one day say... "Hey, I bet if you cut off a rabbits foot and carry it around with you, you'll have good luck!" Hmmmmm....

What other so called lucky charms are out there I wonder?

There's the horse shoe over the doorway, Bridgets Cross over a doorway as well, and many others.

I could really use some luck right now, so I'm keeping my eyes open for that four leaf clover.

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