Thursday, April 22, 2010

Less Connections

Happy Earth Day everyone!

It's also my step sisters' birthday, which is so perfect because she's such an earth mother goddess!

I am at the library now since my computer is sick and I can't afford to buy a monitor and certainly not a new computer right now. So, here I am with the 20 or so other people typing away on a public computer that is ergonomically incorrect and my wrists and back are already yelling at me...but who's complaining? :)

It is a newly renovated library that's really nice to hang out in. Nice and bright. Not the dark quiet libraries of the past. It's very inviting.

I have had an almost phobia towards libraries. Recently I've thought about that and pondered why that is. My friend Nancy said she remembers being brought to the library as a child and having a regular visit and introduction with her class. I don't remember that. I don't believe I was ever taught how to use the library. If I was then it didn't stick.

I get overwhelming anxiety going to the library. All the rows and rows of books with the dewey decimal system to figure out.

Some people love hanging out at the library for hours on end or going to an overcrowded bookstore and peruse. Not me. It is anxiety making.

I'm learning to like it here and someday I hope I can love it here. For now i'm using the computer and taking out a fiction book or two, maybe a dvd. I leave as soon as possible.

I'll keep coming back and giving it a try and hopefully I'll stay here for hours and enjoy myself.

Did you know they have magazines to read here? A whole wall of them, all the latest ones I can't afford to subscribe to.

Health update........I saw my oncologist a week ago and all is clear cancer wise. yay!....I had a bone density scan recently and unfortunately my low back osteoporosis has gotten worse. Its always been tricky. I have lordosis (curvature) and arthritis, now my osteoporosis is worsening.....not good...felt very old getting that news.

I started yoga again, i got the ok from my breast surgeon to do so. I will see a specialist as well, in July. So, i'm still plugging along....

tip toeing thru the spring tulips

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