Sunday, October 28, 2012

Dolphin Land Part Two

This is a picture that Bella/Maya painted for me. I really believe she was thinking about every stroke she made. The reason I'm laughing so hard is that at the end, Bella painted my hand and nose. The owner and trainers said they hadn't seen a dolphin do that with someone before. I felt like she was laughing at me or with me. So sweet! I just watched her eye as she painted each stroke. I gently spoke with her as she was painting. I just loved Bellas' energy. Joy-filled and Love-filled!

I don't believe I mentioned Bob.

There are 4 adult dolphins and one baby dolphin in their pod. One male and his harem of 3 ladies. LOL.

Did you know that dolphins are one of possibly only two mammals that have sex for pleasure. Other than humans of course, and I believe bonobo chimps/monkeys are the other one. me out here. Tina is the chimp/monkey expert that I know. She at least knows WAY more than I do.

So, Bob will have his fun with the ladies from time to time. There is a corner of the area that is kept pretty safe from any humans, its a special corner where I think Momma Squirt nurses her baby Tashi and also where a lot of procreating and fun happens. LOL

So, Bob can be a bit frisky at times. The trainers are there to watch the dolphins and guide us in the water as to where to go. A couple of times the dolphins were doing summersaults and being a bit aggressive with their "playing" that they were a bit dangerous to be around. 6,000 pounds or so of dolphins splashing around near you is a bit scary.

So, I had an interesting moment with Bob. The first day my brother Mark and I got to be close to the dolphins and touch them etc.... Then the next two days were supposed to be the "natural swim"only. So the first time I got in the water for the natural swim on the second day I was a bit nervous. I didn't know what to expect so I was excited too. I got my snorkel mask on and flippers. I had never used flippers before. They seemed awkward and hard to use. I found out the next day that I really should have gone down a size. So I was testing out the mask to see if it was sealed ok and so forth. I was standing up right. My brother had jumped in already and saw underwater what was about to happen. I had no idea.

All of a sudden I feel this bump on my back, then AGAIN! BUMP! A bit aggressive but it didn't hurt. I just didn't know if it meant anything. Should I swim away from him? Should I get out of the water? What was going on? So with my being so nervous the owner Deena got in the water with me to guide me around.

My brother Mark had seen the whole thing. He said Bob was also standing up and not swimming into my back, just used his head to bump his nose on my back. Deena said that she thinks Bob wanted me to get on my belly and swim with him.

Later on that night Mark and I were joking about it. Saying maybe Bob wanted to bring me to his "special corner", NO MARK!! I was yelling at him as little sisters do. LOL, then we got talking about how sensitive dolphins can be. If there is a pregnant woman in the water, dolphins will give her a wide birth, (no pun intended), and not get near her out of respect. Also, dolphins have been known to point out places on a person who has cancer. They would touch a certain place on the persons body, they would then get a scan and discover a tumor. So we got talking that maybe, just maybe, Bob was pointing out the cancer in my back. The middle area where he touched is probably the most vulnerable place the cancer is at right now. It was the first place to have the most pain in the beginning. So, what if Bob was just saying, "hey, there's something wrong here!", or maybe he was just wanting to play or swim as Deena mentioned. Maybe a little healing? Who knows? I like to keep the wonder about....I love to wonder about lots of things and lots of scenarios and possibilities. I tend to have a very open mind with most everything. I would never claim to have all the answers to anything really. Humans are just a speck in the Universe and Universes out there.

To hear the noises/talking from the dolphins underwater was something special too. When there is a new object put into the water, the dolphins will echo-sound-it. Can't remember the term for it. Sonar sound to bounce off the object to identify what it is or maybe whether or not its a threat. So every time a new object came into the water, I heard so much sound. VERY MAGICAL! Then to see the dolphins just swimming around me at will. The natural swim is where we don't touch the dolphins at all. They choose to come up to us and we still can't touch them. The dolphins come first. Their needs are first as it should be.

I mentioned to some people that with the murky ocean water, with living floating beings all around us, I got stung by some baby jellyfish, and not being able to see about a foot in front of us, all we needed was some Jaws music. It was so quiet under the water. All of a sudden a huge dolphin is quickly swimming past your head. WOW! The baby Tashi stopped a few times and just hovered there, looking at me. We were told to look at them from the side, since there eyes are on the side and they can't see in front of them directly. A bit like horses I suspect. So we would look at one another from our side eyes. So lovely and surreal.

Hopefully soon I'll post more about the art we created there and much more.....stay tuned!


Anonymous said...

Great stuff, thanks, Jenn, for posting! So glad you got to experience this. Love, Ellis

Anonymous said...

What an amazing adventure! Love you Jenn!


Anonymous said...

Hey Jenn - The sight of your face holding Bella's painting says it all!! I am so glad that you had the experience. Love, Dee

Me From Maine said...

That is a picture of pure and exquisite joy! I'm so thrilled for the magic you got to experience! ~ Val