Wednesday, October 3, 2012

New Focus

Hello Peeps!

Things are moving along with not too many changes in my physical being. Yes, the pain has gotten a bit worse and yes, my breathing isn't so great but its all still very much tolerable.

I have a new focus that is getting me thru the days lately.

Swimming with the dolphins!!! yay!!

My dear brother Mark has been researching and planning out a trip for a few of us to go to Florida real soon.

I mentioned the website for donations you can go to right?

You can also look at pictures and sign the guestbook. I read every one of the posts. They make me cry in a good way. Thank you ALL so much! I'm overwhelmed by all the kind well wishes and prayers and memories posted. Means the world to me! I am so lucky to have such a wide reaching support. People I have never met are posting and donating and I'm just floored, wow!!

One of my lessons is receiving. Boy am I receiving lately! :)

I think I grew up with the lesson that I have to pay back people for what they give me some how, either financially or in some way. If I can't then I shouldn't receive the gift. I now realize that its an ebb and flow kind of energy that happens. When you give you must then also receive. Like the tide coming into the shore. If you only give out and not receive then the flow doesn't happen. Big lesson for me.

This Saturday I'm hopefully going to have a big yard sale to donate to the dolphin fund and then fingers crossed I'll be leaving for Florida on the 16th of October!!

I'm praying that I'll be as strong as I am now if not stronger to be able to fully enjoy being with one of Earths most magical and intelligent beings.

A dear dear friend was so kind to offer up her home in the Bahamas the other day. The island that she lives half the year on has a dolphin program. I immediately said "YES, of course! "

Then reality sunk in and as I was processing details with my aunt and uncle last night, I realized that it would be too much for me to go to the Bahamas, and with my health, its very risky and too far away. I can get hospice care in Florida if I need to and the facility where I'd be going is fully equipped for people who have special needs like me. Its so odd to say that I have special needs. Its a challenging reality for me, but one I am trying to embrace.

I am focusing on what I CAN do and trying not to focus on what I can't do right now.

I had a lovely lunch with my good friend Gen today and that was something I DID do, i went out and had lunch and went grocery shopping and climbed up two flights of stairs.

Its the little things we take for granted right? Its so nice to appreciate what one CAN do.


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