Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Birthday Blues

Hi Ya'll

So yesterday was my 43rd birthday.

I awoke with a sore throat and not feeling so swell.

I then got very sad, anxious and irritable about that. I worry that the cold will lead to something more serious and then I'll take a turn for the worse. Or that my trip to Florida next week can't happen because of me being sick etc.....It WILL happen! I WILL be swimming with the dolphins next week!! Yes!

So, then I had family come over to visit and I was not in the best mood. I was weepy and bossy and just  not a happy camper. I tend to get impatient and irritable when what I really need to do is cry. Do you ever find that happens to you? I get angry to get to the tears.

I cried with my mom a bit while everyone else was in the kitchen about how this is probably my last birthday.

I did have a wonderful polarity therapy session that helped tremendously. Marsha is such a gift!! I'm so lucky to be able to get sessions with her!! Thank you Marsha!! My friends Nancy and Kristy brought me there and back and then we watched Creature Comforts (America) a bit when we got back, so funny! So my day ended well.

Birthdays are so "loaded" aren't they? They are for me anyway. By loaded I mean so much emotion and baggage around my birthday. I met my boyfriend Stuart who died, on my birthday many years ago. I have had many disappointing birthdays and birthdays that just didn't go as I had planned. So much pressure to make things just right. I tried one year to ignore the whole day but that didn't work so well either.

I received some lovely flowers from my family that came over and my aunt and uncle had some delivered. I also bought myself some small yellow roses (spray roses) today.

I had a yard sale at my moms on Saturday which went VERY well! My good friend Nancy and other friends of mine came over to help and run it when I wasn't able. My mom, stepdad and some of their friends came to help too. I had friends come and help break down and cart away as well. I was fully covered. Not to forget all the donations that were given to the sale too.

I"m a lucky girl to have so many people helping out!!

My brother, his girlfriend Laura and one of his sons Finn came for two days as well. Very sweet!

Today I had a lovely visit with my step brother and his wife. The rest of the day I will be meditating and taking it easy. I want to kick this thing that may or may not be a cold. I'm drinking ginger tea all day.

I'm just very happy I got thru my birthday and no one got hurt! LOL (at least i'm hoping not too bad anyway)

I can check that off my list, Get Thru Birthday....check!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Jenn,
Happy belated Birthday! Sending you positive warm thoughts...