Sunday, December 9, 2012

Choices Choices Choices

Last night I was able to make it to an event that only happens once a year called "Ocean of OM".

It was so wonderful!! My friend Nancy came over beforehand and did quite a few things for me and then helped me get to the event. I wasn't sure I could make it. Evenings are challenging for me now.

So, what is ocean of OM you ask? Well, I'll tell you. :P

About 30-40? people were there in a yoga studio chanting OM in rounds for an hour while a digeridoo,  gongs and singing bowls, drums and chimes were played around us. Ahhhhhhh.......the energy was beautiful and calming. My friend Nancy said she thought it sounded sad. Every person probably had their own interpretation of it. I laid down for most of it and tried to OM a bit. My voice was almost gone. Laying there felt like I was on a wave of sound, cradling me and waves would lift me up and place me back down again.


It is so hard to choose what to do each day and esp each weekend. There is SO much going on as you all probably are experiencing the same thing. There are concerts, craft fairs, parties, events.....happening all at once it seems. Choices have to be made.

Yesterday my brother Jason had a music concert he was a part of that I had to miss. So sad....

Today is a special event where the kids of families create the manger scene in a barn outside with real animals etc... My nieces and nephews (some of them) are in it. I just can't do it.

I really want to go to my favorite craft fair that is happening today. Last year I got about 5 presents there. Its local artists and craftspeople which I love to support. I saw the ad for it saying its Indie Art. Thats a good way of putting it. It really is.

I'm just not sure I should go. Its usually a mad house and loud and you feel like cattle being herded thru stalls. Not a lot of room to stop and check things out.

So, I'm not sure what to do.

Its bad enough to have cancer but then to have a cold on top of it somehow feels cruel.

sigh.....what to do what to do?

I'm going to sit and meditate on it and see what answer or feeling I get around today.

Day to day is what I have to do now. Hard to plan anything. My new life.

I hope you all can find beautiful moments within all the noise of this season.

Blessings to you all!

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