Thursday, December 20, 2012


Hi ya'll

I have a lot of things on my mind and thought I'd write a bit tonight.

My last post caused some anger. That was not my intention but I understand why to a point.

I'm sad.

I know now that I should prepare for more disagreement about my beliefs.

This country is supposed to be about accepting ALL people no matter their religion or race.

What happened to change all that? I feel like it's related to what is happening with my belief. Opinions. Separation of Church and State. Also, compassion for our fellow human beings. Do you really think Jesus would want us to suffer so much at our death? I don't believe it. I don't believe God or Goddess or Buddha or Allah, or ......etc...etc.....believe we need to suffer when we die. Sure some discomfort and sometimes not painful at death but to suffer for months at end with no functions? A body just slowly wasting away? No, don't believe that is true. I believe in a compassionate Universal Energy/Life Force. We don't let our pets suffer but we will let our fellow human beings/family suffer? Don't agree.

I'm sad also because my friend Dan had to go to a hotel room due to being sick. We're hoping that I didn't already catch what he has. I'm trying not to worry too much and focus on the positive.

Clarification as well......

I want to let you all know that I do NOT have a plan to end my life early. There isn't a law to allow me to where I live. The documentary would hopefully help pass the law in my state and in other states.

The idea that me, little ole me, could have an affect in that way is so humbling. Wow! I almost started crying today when I met with a couple who make wonderful films together. They were complimenting me so much it was hard to hear. Maybe I find it foreign? The focus is on ME. Thats intense.

So, lately I'm filled with sadness, grief over things I'm unable to do lately, anger, gratitude, love, joy, ....quite a mix.

I think the holidays are just hard all around, so maybe thats why the roller coaster of emotions is in motion.

I will be glad to have the holidays behind me, mostly. Quiet visiting time, inward time, Kapha time, ....when everything is going into hibernation or dying. Thats my speed right now. Slow.

I would love to read some comments to know who is reading this. Hint, hint, hint.....

Peace and Love



Anonymous said...

(((HUGS))) Jenn. I support whatever you choose!

Love Larry

Humidx said...

I check your blog every day - I so admire your honesty. The roller coaster of emotions must be exhausting in themselves. Love and peace to you during this crazy season.


N. Jamison said...

Do what is right for you, not what the people around you think is right!


Bruce said...

I check in on ya every few days. I truly admire you.

I will try to send more pics to you and hope you have a terrific holiday

Love and Light


S. R. Roy said...


As I mentioned in our conversation yesterday, I admire your conviction and your strength in pursuing your goal. However, I was unable to put into words the concern I was trying to express with regard to this matter, so here goes.

It always bothers me when people use the “putting down” of animals as a justification for ending human life. The goal is supposedly to end suffering, except that “suffering” appears to be strictly a human experience. All living creatures have the capacity to experience pain, which is an invaluable gift since pain serves many useful functions: depending on the situation, it can potentially warn us about underlying conditions, force us to modify our behaviors or lifestyles, keep us from harm, and create empathy within us. Our modern-day medicines now allow us to alleviate pain, both in humans and in animals, and that can be a good thing if the pain no longer serves a useful function.

“Suffering”, on the other hand, is a psychological attitude toward life’s complications and appears to be a human experience linked to our frustration at not being in control of our world and our destiny, our desire to have things the way we want them when we want them, our need to be totally satisfied and pain-free, and our inability or unwillingness to let go of the things we want or cherish. I suspect that “suffering” is at the heart of all violence in this world.

In the wild, animals experience pain, but I’m not sure there’s any evidence that they “suffer” psychologically as we humans do. Humans themselves can experience pain and yet not “suffer” -- in the case, for example, of athletes who push themselves beyond pain to achieve goals, or of women who experience pain to give birth to their children. Though the pain is real, any psychological “suffering” is overcome because of the attitude of those experiencing the pain. On the other hand, some people “suffer” even when no pain or minimal pain is involved.

When we put down animals, I suspect that we do it because WE are “suffering.” I had my dog put down because I couldn’t watch her go through the seizures she was experiencing as a result of her late-stage congestive heart condition. She, on the other hand, was able to recover from each seizure as if nothing had happened. Was it right for me to end her existence because of my “suffering”? I’m not so sure.

More importantly, could it be that, in our attempt to eliminate “suffering” rather than to learn to overcome it, we are hindering the evolution of the human psyche in terms of its ability to live in this world without being so egoistically attached to it?

I think that is a question we also need to explore.

I honor your stand, Jenn, and I love you.


Jenngie said...

Thank you all for your comments, I appreciate you taking the time to do so.

Only one point I'd like to make in regards to animal and human suffering. Or use whatever word feels better for you.

I believe that humans have looked down at animals like we as humans are of a higher intelligence. I do not believe that is true. If anything, animals can teach us and I think they need the same respect as humans get and vise versa.

Happy Holidays to you all!