Saturday, March 30, 2013

Gettin' Late

Hi Ya'll

Well, it's getting late here and my eyes are crossing but I was/am determined to post something before I went to bed.

I just tried to change my cover photo to something recent like the one I posted in my last post, but I am not a techy person, so I spent too much time trying to figure that one out and used up too much energy. If anyone can guide me to how I can change my picture, that would be awesome! ;)

So, Pain is still bad but a slow slow increase of good is happening. Today is the first day in days that I can type without crying trying to do so due to pain.

I did the dishes and cleaned off the top of my stove that took around 15 minutes and practically ran back to my hospital bed to collapse and do some deep breathing to settle myself down and not scream my head off from pain. Plus the pain makes my breathing harder to manage.

So, that is actually an improvement from yesterday which I was up to around 5 mins.

Being bed bound is not fun. Especially being alone and having a demanding cat, ..".yes you Stewie, you are".....why can't cats seem to get it when you can't drop everything to serve them and forget about YOUR needs? LOL, its true. He looks at me like everything is fine and why can't I brush him for 10 mins like I usually do every day!? I try to reason with him but no.....

Yes, i've gone a bit nutty from this whole living alone and trying to stay sane.

I do have some lovely people come visit me and help me out.

Today I had an AMAZING reiki session from Star Cat, she is incredible!! I saw some visions that knocked me out. I wasn't on any trippy drugs other than the ones i've been on, i don't count them as giving the same effects. In any case, I saw some things that were so beautiful and hopeful. Some forms of people who were all connected and in some ways were telling me that we are ALL connected in lots of different ways. I can't get into all of the session, but I know that it was really great and I'm so grateful for her and for so many wonderful people in my life.

Today I was pretty sad for a lot of the day. People were out and about saying how gorgeous it was out there and how I should get out. Not knowing that thats what I'd LOVE to do but cannot. I'm trying to keep my spirits up.

I asked people on my private site that is organized to help me out with chores and visit organizations and so forth, to bring me over some leftover Easter candy and careful what you ask for. I got some today already and I know I'm getting more. I think I may have to give a lot of it away. Its really sweet of them. I know I am loved.

My mourning doves are very active lately, cooing like crazy out my window. So pretty to hear. Spring is here.

I really wasn't sure I was going to make it till Spring. Here I am. The bulbs are bursting up thru the soil. I hope I can see some soon. Flowers coming up thru the ground.

So, I'm off to sleep. I have a new medicine regimen. I wake up at 4am for my first med intake. Fun times......but it could be a magical time too. We'll see.

Happy Easter Ya'll!


S. R. Roy said...

Happy Easter, Jenn!

Love you!

Lisa H. said...

Happy Easter Jenn