Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Exciting News!

Hi Ya'll

Well, I have had a jam packed weekend. Why do we say jam packed? I'll have to Wiki that....  lol

Saturday I had some wonderful friends come over to play their harmonium and drums and sing Kirtan with me. I felt so so honored to be there. Like my own private concert, but not, because I was there singing too. It felt wonderful to sing and be amongst the music and chants I love so very much. I had resigned myself to never going to Kirtan again. It happens at night and nights for me are not a good time energy wise. I usually am extremely tired and not able to socialize at all. Everything is overwhelming. But on Saturday afternoon I was singing for a while until my body told me to stop singing. The pain kicked in pretty good. It was so worth it though. I'd do it again and my friends said they want to come back again, yay!!! Can't wait! I felt such a great energy during and after Kirtan and felt so blessed and grateful. Namaste S&F!

Then on Sunday I was picked up by one of the film makers who created the documentary I'm in and brought me to his house where his wife and he lives. She is the director, editor, producer ..... and he (I will keep their names anonymous for now not knowing if they are ok with me mentioning their names or not) is the Cinematographer and Videographer.

Both of them are such lovely, wonderful people. I love their home too. Great energy. They have this sweet black lab named Jack.

I spent some time looking around at all the items and designs in their home. I just love to do that. It tells me about a person, their character and passions. We got to the room where we were to watch the film and I was SO nervous. I kept squiggling in my seat. They were both nervous as well. What if I don't like it and so on..... I was wondering if I'd like it and what would I say if I didn't?

Well, from the first minute, I knew I was going to love it. I also started crying about 3 minutes into it. The emotional ride I took, for however long the movie is, maybe 20 mins? , was indescribable. I was taken on a journey by surprise, in such a wonderful way. By the end of the movie, the three of us were crying.

I feel I'm still processing it and want to watch it over and over again. I will when I get a copy of it. Its still not completely finished. Some tweaks and turns need to be added, mostly technical things I believe, then I'll get some copies. But basically I saw another side of myself I hadn't seen before. I saw a woman who was strong and independent, and chose her decision from her heart. A person who made the correct decision for HER. A person who loves people and animals and the earth and wants to do good in the world. I knew that about myself on a certain level, but to be shown it to me on a screen was so incredible, I just can't explain it completely with words. I will be forever grateful for these two wonderful people who made this film at no cost to me or anyone I know. They were called to make this film. I just love that there are still people out there who are creating works of art like this and are not asking or demanding , as some people do, some monetary gain.

A wonderful thing is that there is a person who is fighting for the Death with Dignity Act, or whatever they call it, in Vermont. These film makers have some connections with this person so maybe he will see the film and just maybe he'll want to use some of it or all of it for his cause. I would be so HAPPY to think I left something behind that made a difference in the world. Happy doesn't really cut it.

So, for people that know me personally and are not on the website that helps with chores etc.....a local site.....and that want to see the movie, please contact me. I need to get a number soon, of people who want to see the film on a big screen within the next two weeks, we are thinking that would be when we could get a room rented to show my peeps. Please contact me via email or whatever, asap and say that you are in town and could possibly see it. I don't have dates yet to give you. Soon.

I am still floating in the air with all that has gone on this weekend.

My wonderful nurse said that when I have a jam packed weekend, I will most likely pay for it physically for two-three days, I know what she means. I am soooooo tired and sore. It was all emotional and yet it affects me physically. Amazing to me but its true.

Other physical things happening is that my knees are wobbly. They sometimes feel like they want to give out. I have twitchy fingers. My nurse said if I wanted to and were ready, I could get a "snazzy" cane. A cane?! ohhhh no. I don't want a cane, unless it has a dolphin top.


My physical body continues to do its thing whether I care or not.

So, I will focus on the film, singing and hearing music and reading lovely and supportive comments from all of you! Thank you!

Love Love Love


Anonymous said...

Wonderful, Jenn! Your own Kirtan AND film! A rich person. Well deserved. Can't wait to see the film....loe, Ellis

Anonymous said...

You rock Jenn! Love you!


Nikki Shields said...

Wow Jenn so excited about the movie! Can't wait to see it with you. Love you so much!

Me From Maine said...

I *LOVE* Kirtans! The last one I went to was at Unity church in Windham and I absolutely loved it.

Please put me down for the film, Jenn. I would very much like to watch it with you!!

Love, Val xoxo

Anonymous said...

Hi Jen

I will be back in Portland on June 6 and would love t stop by and see you. I will be in Portland for 5 or 6 months. I wish I still had the downstairs apt as it is tough to find one that will allow a dog


Anonymous said...

Hey Jenn,

So glad to hear that you are having fun.