Thursday, June 13, 2013


Hi ya'll

I keep telling my local peeps that I will blog today, and I don't, then I say the next day, yes, i'll
blog today, and I don't.

I think the reason I haven't been posting lately is that it's getting harder to write out emails and
my body is so exhausted lately.

The worst part of this journey lately is the fatigue. By the time it gets to be around this time, which is almost 7pm, I usually can't imagine doing anything at all.

Lately it is all day that I feel this way. Fatigue. It is like no other kind of tired that I can explain
to you all and you'll get it, unless you have had cancer and are experiencing the cancer fatigue and
then the dying of cancer fatigue. I get pissed off that I am so tired and can't go one more hour with
my family who are visiting for two days. I HAVE to go to sleep or at least lay down and have complete silence. My body and mind and spirit demands it.

So, I thought I would start doing something that my dear Sister aka Sista Love suggested I do when I'm too tired to write out a long update.

She taught her daughter this when she had to do a daily journal.


G for what I am grateful for today or in general..... today I am grateful for my Sista Love and for the sun that showed itself for a couple of hours this morning where I got to walk the beach with my mom.

L for something I learned today or in I learned that Labs can smell your mouth and know what you had to eat hours before and thats mostly why they want to "kiss"you, to smell all the wonderful (icky) smells of your mouth. I learned that from the therapy dogs' owner today on our visit.

A for something I accomplished today or in general.....I was able to upload some pictures to my computer , yep that's about it other than the basic stuff.

D for something that delighted me today or in general.....It delighted me to rub Sox the dogs' belly and hear his grunting sound which means he's happy, to see him roll and roll in the grass.

So, thats about it for now......other than the fatigue and some other pain, I am getting along o.k.

Emotionally not feeling too swell but its not critical. I cried last night during a romantic love scene where the man leaves on a train and the woman is running after it crying. I usually never cry like that, but last night it got to me.

I will (most likely, pretty much in the bag) never be in another romantic relationship again. Sometimes that fact just hits me in the gut. Sometimes I just look forward to the day I get to see
my boyfriend who died, on the other side, some day soon.

Maybe you all can try the G.L.A.D. recipe and see what comes up for you?

Thanks Sista Love, I love you to the moon and back again!

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Anonymous said...

Love this post and idea. GLAD Carrie shared it with you. Love to you both, Ellis