Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Statement referring to the last post

Hi Ya'll

I slept on  what I had wrote yesterday and just wanted to make a couple of things clear.

One is that I love all animals and creatures. I have killed a few bugs here and there but honestly I try to bring them outside. An example is that on Monday I received some beautiful calla lilies and on one of them there was a very small and cute little slug hanging on and walking around. I took him down my two flights of stairs and put him on the ground in an area where he'll get to some greenery. So, I would never ever consider killing the seagulls. They are laughing at me as I write this. Loud as ever.


And then the whole redneck's so hard to know whether a comment like that is going to be met with anger or a personal attack. I hesitated and then decided to use it. I believe that all of us can be pushed to a point of wanting to call someone a name that may be grouped into a stereotype. Like my friend from England used to call me a tree hugger. I embraced that and love the term because I am indeed a tree hugger. I have a picture to prove it. Some people would be offended by that. Now redneck is a bit more harsh than tree hugger in my opinion. So I wanted to apologize to anyone that I may have offended. I don't take it back however because, like I wrote above, I believe we all get pushed to a certain point of impatience and anger that we will name call. I am trying to keep it real here and I certainly wouldn't call anyone that name to their faces. Anywhoo.....I wanted to just clear some of that up in case someone had a problem with those issues.

I'm trying my best to be all Zen and Buddhist and Pagan about my fellow seagulls and maybe I can send some kind of message to them as a whole in a meditation to please move somewhere else, PLEASE?!

Have a fabulous day ya'll!

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Me From Maine said...

Hi Again :)

Firstly, I think we are all guilty at one time or another of using a potentially-politically-incorrect term in frustration to describe someone. We all know you have a good heart. I think that being human includes interactions in this 3D world that evoke emotions in us. It is part of what makes us human. Very, very, very few humans are capable of never having a thought out of frustration or moment of exasperation or even of judgement.

Anyone who claims to never, ever, ever judge others is either the Dalai Lama (or other similar figure) or is lying to themselves or others. That is just my personal opinion. We're on earth to be human, after all :)

Secondly, I believe there is something to be said for sending out the intention for the sea gulls to fly away. Try it! We can all join you in that intention, and hope it works :)

xo Val