Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Day Ten

I did not want to go to treatment today. It felt like going back to school, wanting to stay in bed, having my mom yell up to me, saying i better be out of bed, when i heard her footsteps coming up the stairs, i'd sit up and say, "I'm up i'm up!" then fall back into bed. It was one of those mornings today. My cat doesnt let me sleep in however. He has gotten into the habit of catapulting off of me, using all of his 15 pounds of strength. Then proceeds to get into mischief knowing it will get me out of bed. stinker!

I walked to radiation, cool morning. I noticed the clouds as i was waiting for a light to change. They were amazing! The shapes this one bunch had were almost like as if someone manufactured them, stuck them into the sky, the shapes were repeated like an ocean wave. I was hypnotized and almost forgot to cross the road when the light turned red.

I got to the hospital with five minutes to spare. Mr. A was there. We chatted for a while. come to find out he used to work as a parts engineer for an aviation company, and used to fly planes i believe. He also owned a photography store, loved/loves to take pictures. We have something in common.

Miss V came to get me, R is off today. It was only Miss V and L-man today. Everything seemed a bit off today. maybe it was R being gone, or the fact that it was a long weekend, things were just different. maybe i'm more of a creature of habit than i realized.

I saw nurse C afterwards, she wanted to check out my skin. She told me that the swelling is normal and that i can take advil if i want to to reduce the swelling. I'm just glad its not a sign of lymphedema. Feeling a bit lopsided today....:) ...and sore.

Saw the orange cat i had seen last week. He is definitely skinny. I may contact HART and see if they will come get him, or try to anyway. They are the all cat shelter i got my cat at. A no kill shelter.

Only 23 more to go!

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Anonymous said...

Stay strong .... was diagnosed with rectal cancer five years ago this very month. Traveled the chemo/rad/surgery/chemo highway.

Loved having me arse up in the air for all to witness what life can finally come down to. Ah, the indignity of it all .... lmao.

Stay strong.

Best, Joe