Friday, September 7, 2007

Days Twelve and Thirteen

Didn't get a chance to blog yesterday. I ended up going to see my osteopath. I luckily got a ride from a volunteer that sometimes gives me rides to the cancer community center. I love my osteopath, shes wonderful. I'm so glad i went with my gut to go yesterday, instead of thinking of all the excuses of why i shouldnt go. i felt better when i left there. I'm planning on going once a week for the next three weeks. I'll figure out payment later. luckily my insurance pays for most of the sessions.

No big news to share about radiation. My skin is starting to show redness, i still have some swelling and i'm incredibly sore. The fatigue and feeling a bit ill is still an issue, but not overwhelming all the time.

I'm still walking to my treatments. I plan on walking tomorrow to the farmers market. The weather turned hot and humid today and supposed to be hot again tomorrow. I really need some veggies, so i'll at least walk there and maybe take a bus home.

Today when i went into the hospital, there was a man on a gurney, waiting outside the "chamber". I can see him clearly now in my head. He was probably around 85 years old. No one with him. He was out of it, with his mouth wide open. I hate to say this but if someone were to say that the man was dead, i would have believed them. It was a really sad sight to see. I heard one of the techs tell the nurse that she needs to check how his mental state is before they bring him down for treatment. If he's not in a good place, to not bring him down. Interesting.

I noticed people today. As i'm walking to the hospital, i wondered how i looked walking. Was i walking a straight line, was I swerving due to my poor equilibrium? I noticed others walking. I love people watching. One lady had her arms out from her sides as she walked, like she could attack you at a moments notice. A bit scary. One guy walked with bowlegs, as if he had just got off a horse. One man walked with his back hunched over, looking at the ground. What kind of energy do you project when you walk? Do you look at people in the eyes? Do you give a small smile to people or actually say hello? I find some people will smile at me, sometimes its a pity smile but most often not. I really try to make a point of looking at people in the eyes most of the time. You never know how one small gesture can change a persons mood. I know it helps me when i'm feeling low.

Today is my moms' birthday, Happy Birthday Mom!
Love you!

Only 20 more to go!

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