Saturday, October 27, 2007

Theres no place like home...

I feel like i'm locked in the wicked witches room, staring at the hour glass, watching time fade away.

The suspense is more real than some movie you can turn off or walk away from. I'm in it.

I went to a yoga class, but its not really a yoga class. There is more talking than actual yoga taking place. I wanted to process things but i didnt get a chance to talk. Nothing was going as i had planned that day. I was irritable and impatient. My tolerance level is very low right now. Stress had taken over. I am aware of it but yet fall into its trap. why do we do that? Stress seems to be yet another addiction humans can create for themselves and crave in some way.

Have you ever met someone who seems to always have some drama in their lives? I believe we pull that energy towards us and the more we stress about being stressed only makes it worse.

My knee hurting and my body reacting to the stress is its way of saying STOP! NOW! not later after......or, now!

So, i'm taking some time, some down time. Very challenging. I'm trying not to talk to others about my decision and trying not to think about it all the time.

Ok, so i did some more research online today, but only about an hours worth if that. The rest of the rainy day i did some knitting, cleaned some of my bathroom, organized a bit, read. I tried to distract but not only in one way, i wanted to mix it up a bit.

I definitely noticed a difference in my stress level.

I'm also trying to challenge myself to not go immediately to sugar or comfort foods.

Can't i just click my heels and say "theres no place like home...", and be gone from this situation?

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