Monday, December 3, 2007


I don't blog for a while then i blog blog blog.....

The last couple of days i've been thinking about change.

Change can occur instantly, without any warning.

Change in the weather. Yesterday was sunny and cold. I wake up this morning and its snowing and cloudy. The world around me looks different. Its the same but theres a change.

When i found the lump, change. When i was told "Cancer"....change. I began to wake up this morning, half in a wonderful dream. I was with a guy, in love, and so happy. I woke up with that feeling, that wonderful feeling i havent felt in way too long. Then reality sunk in. I tried desperately to hold on to that feeling. Try as i may, i eventually went to...."but its not real, i'm alone and not in love....why?" and so on. Depressing. Change.

Changes are happening all the time. The trick is to ride the wave and not let it overtake you.

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