Sunday, January 13, 2008

Letting Go

It seems my appointments of some importance are met with drama most of the time.

Tomorrow is no exception.

There is a Nor'Easter due to hit here tomorrow morning around the time I will be traveling to the hospital for my surgery. No one has called to cancel the surgery, so i assume its still a go. I am guessing it could also be a wait and see kind of thing. If its horrible, maybe my surgeons and nurses couldnt make it into work? I really do want to get it over with, not wait any longer.

Sometimes we have to let go and see what happens, have faith, cross fingers, hope for the best....all of those things.

I hurried this morning to get my laundry cleaned, so i ran out of the house with only my stepdads car keys. I dropped off my laundry and decided to go for a walk during the wash cycle. Along my walk i realized i didnt have my house keys. I could have stressed out as to how i was going to resolve this issue, but i chose to tell myself it would all work out and continued on my fast paced walk by the ocean. Everything worked out, i got my keys through my friend who has a copy of my keys. I did feel bad for waking up my neighbor to call my friend, but she'll get over it. It all worked out ok. No need to stir up an ulcer for it.

Stressing out over something out of your control is unhealthy and a waste of energy. Thats the lesson I have learned this past year, along with a few more.

My good friend Nancy is coming up to stay with me tonight and taking me to the hospital tomorrow morning. She was there for my first chemo appointment and that was during a big snowstorm and oh yeah, valentines day. She'll get me to the hospital somehow, she has her shovel and i have some sand.

Now all we have to hope for is a team of doctors and nurses to perform the surgery.

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