Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Snowy Day

Another snowy day today.

It seems that whenever i have an important appointment there is a snowstorm of some sort.

I had a mammogram today and walked to the hospital in a messy storm. The kind of snow that is mixed with freezing rain that blows sideways into your eyes.

On a positive note, my mammogram was clear except for a few calcium deposits that my Dr. wants to keep an eye on. Nothing to really worry about. I'll get another mammogram in 6 months on the right side only.

I really do wish mammograms could be performed with less pain. Its a torture machine, but it saves lives so i'm not completely complaining, I just hope technology can improve in that area sometime soon.

The Patriots losing was a huge disappointment. The Giants definitely deserved the trophy, they played a great game. Next year we'll come back, for sure!

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