Wednesday, April 9, 2008


You ever have that feeling like everything is crumbling around you?

Well, i've been having that feeling lately.

I was flossing my teeth the other night and out pops a huge filling into my sink.

I then had to go to PT. I asked my PT who she'd recommend for a dentist. She gave me her recommendation and after my session with her I went over there. I luckily had my moms car for the day.

I walk into the dentist office and everyone is very nice. Then as i'm filling out my paperwork they ask if I have dental insurance. Nope I dont. Suddenly the mood of all the staff changes towards me. They immediately tell me that they need a credit card or cash before i can see the doctor. I say ok, i have a friend who said he'd give his credit card number. They file me into the doctors chair and I get my tooth x-rayed. Before the doctor comes in the front desk lady and another lady squeeze into the tiny room to tell me i need to give them the info NOW! I had to call my friend who lives in London while i was sitting in the dentist chair, with two women hovering over me. We got all the info straightened out and then the doctor comes in.

What a nice way to treat a new customer huh? geesh!

I am going to have 3 fillings done on thursday, so I had to wait two days with a huge hole in my tooth, exposing nerves. I have to eat soft food, so I thought what better food to eat than a nice soft doughnut?! I got three and no i didnt eat them all at once. They are the home made kind that are especially sinful. I remember getting some a couple of times before I had chemo, and shared them with others in treatment.

My PT lady has been working on my neck and shoulders for a couple of weeks now and has actually caused my pain to increase dramatically to where I had a migraine last night and extreme neck/shoulder pain.

I went to see my Osteopath today and she couldnt believe how compressed my neck was. My PT really did a number on it. I feel some what better now and have to try and get psyched for my 2 hour, early, dentist appointment tomorrow. I have to be there at 8am, zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.....

So, along with my teeth falling out (yes a piece fell out this morning), and my neck out of whack, my apartment looks like a tornado hit it. Heres where the crumbling part comes in. Maybe its like spring cleaning in an odd way. Out with the old, in with the new.

I think I may have to buy another doughnut on the way home tomorrow, i'll be all numbed out, so i can't eat anything crunchy right?

works for me!

Now if I can only get some hot chocolate to go with that doughnut!

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