Monday, April 14, 2008

Unexpected Repairs

Have you ever taken your car in for an oil change and then left with new tires or a thing-a-ma-jingy you didn't realize you 'needed'?

I went in to have my 3 fillings put in. I hadn't slept well the night before, probably due to anxiety. I don't have good memories of dentists and so I tend to have a bit of anxiety around going.

As they were drilling out my 3 fillings, what was left of them, apparently a fourth filling came popping out. I didnt' realize this until they were pretty much finished with my fourth filling.

So I ended up having 4 fillings done in one sitting, 2 hours to be exact. They did let me take a few minutes break.

I go in for 3 fillings, leave with four. Part of me wants to question them and say, "hey, maybe this was your fault for knocking the 4th filling out, and maybe you need to pay for it!", Doesnt work that way.

My friend from NH is having to have her car repaired yet again. She is dreading the bill. Exhaust work. She has had exhaust repairs only a year ago, so shes wondering why so soon again. She trusts her mechanics but I wonder.

When do you question people in authority? When do you trust what is being told to you?

Maybe thats when intuition is key?

Sometimes I doubt my intuition for fear or control issues.

In the end we all have to make a decision. Decide what is most important at the time. Is it worth questioning everything?

I'm still sore from my dental work.

Should I call them and complain?


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