Saturday, April 19, 2008

Different Year

I had a treat yesterday.

My dad and stepmom took me for a wonderful Indian meal and then to a local beach they love to go to.

I hadn't been to a real beach in a long time.

I have a small beach near me but it's the kind of beach you don't really want to go barefoot at. You may step on something you'd rather not step on. I'm very lucky to have it near me and the ocean in general. There is something a bit more special when you're on a beach that you can walk miles on in one direction.

I've lived all over the east coast mostly. I've lived near the Smokey Mountains and the Berkshires with lovely hiking trails and mountain energy. I've always missed the ocean. Some people feel very connected to the mountains. I feel connected to the ocean. Maybe it's due to growing up by it? Whatever it is, I love living near it.

I took a few pics, one posted here, and it just felt so good to be there.

This time last year I was in treatment with chemo therapy. I remember going to the beach with my dad but not having the energy to really truly enjoy it. I was cold and very very tired.

Yesterday I was able to run the beach for a couple of minutes and I was thinking as I was running that I couldn't have done that last year. I remember when I actually could not run, my legs weren't letting me. The neuropathy was pretty intense.

I want to do more outside this year. I really missed not being able to hike or camp last summer. I'm determined to do more of that.

I really do appreciate things like that now. I had taken it for granted before. I believe lots of us forget sometimes. We forget the small pleasures of walking a beach or sitting by a tree, or just running when you want to.

I've got the spring fever now!

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