Thursday, September 20, 2012


Good Morning to you all!

Yesterday was a good lesson for me. One of those lessons that are sometimes hard to learn.

I pushed myself way too much and am now paying for it. The pain has increased quite a bit.

I know now that stress = more pain.

I also know that lots of lifting and awkward movements can also = pain.

And a third lesson is that being overtired can also = pain.

I'm learning as this journey continues.

Woke up very cranky and feeling sorry for myself. Living alone can sometimes be challenging when you are feeling vulnerable. I do have a wonderful Maine Coon Cat Stewie who I love and adore and am soooo grateful for. Its still not quite the same as having a human companion with you.

I am going to take it easy today and hopefully my positive self will return.

Self care is whats on board today.

I hope you all are having a wonderful start to your Thursday and its almost the weekend! yay!



rabbithead said...

You got it right: take care of yourself. Do something you really like. Well, not a jog to the beach, but you know what I mean! Love, Ellis

Anonymous said...

Hi Jen,
I guess no more Olympics training for you missy:-)... A fun way to spend today and tomorrow is to think of some Balancing meditations for the Fall Eqiunox on Sep 22 at 10:49 AM EDT which you have more power to access since you have a Sun in Libra and we are in the final days of Saturn in Libra. Saturn in Libra is about Universal Balance

Jen, you are in a very powerful place right unusual that it may seem.

With much Love and Light
Liz -NYC

StressLess said...

Do take er easy Jenn! Thinking of you.... btw.. lots of Dolphin stuff coming across my ipad... articles.. images lately.... hope we can get that done for you!

love you lots!


Katahdinbound said...

It was good to chat with you last evening Just let me know when you get tired and need some space to rest.

Think about what you nay want around 6 pm and I will pick it up for you

anything from decadent cupcakes to lobster