Thursday, March 14, 2013

Pain and Fatigue

Thats really all there is to say right now....

Pain and fatigue

I'm hoping the medication increase will balance out soon and then both things will be
gone or at least managable.

Will write soon when I'm able to

love you all out there!


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Me From Maine said...

Morning, Jenn. I've just caught myself up with your recent postings.

I hope there is a way your pain can be managed a bit better soon. As for the physical things - those daily self care items, I really appreciate the idea that one's normal idea of dignity is adjusted.

Of course, you know that it is totally OK to let someone else help you with areas that are becoming more difficult. Intellectually understanding the concept that we are not our bodies sounds great on the lips, but when that body is in pain or not working properly, that is of course where the focus goes first!

I'm going to send you some personal thoughts via FB in a moment, but wanted to post on here that I have had you on my mind lately. From my heart to yours, dear Jenn xoxo